Kubica’s Road to Recovery

Robert Kubica, remember him? Of course you do. The former Renault F1 driver has not raced since he suffered a broken shoulder, elbow, leg and partial amputation of his forearm in a horrific rally car accident last year-until recently.

At the ‘MyKart’ karting track in Montecanti, Italy, the Pole has begun his racing rehabilitation by taking to the track once more. Reports suggest that Robert has kept going back there to slowly get back into the racing groove. According to the karting circuit, he has since managed to lap four times in the fastest time for the circuit. He is using both his hands as well, which suggests that he is having no troubles with feeling through his hand or gripping the steering wheel.

Last Saturday, 7th April, 2012, Robert got back into driving a rally car once more not far away from where he crashed last year in Italy. The rally team Erreffe gave Kubica the option to run in either a Renault Clio S1600, a Skoda Fabia S2000 or a Citroen 207, it is believed he chose the Renault Clio to run in. He allegedly ran very competitively setting very good times.

Kubica on Track

With news of his racing comeback progressing, it is now expected that he could attend the Mugello test at the beginning of May, although not to test a car. There is a plan to have him back in an F1 style simulator by June or July. Either way we cannot discount or forget that Robert is on course to come back to Formula One racing, the question is, after severing ties with Lotus, what team could he possibly slot into on the grid now?

Kubica at the Kart track with friends

Photos courtesy of: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.225932677504274.46019.100002626315943&type=1

MyKart Website: http://www.mykart.it/


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