Chelsea FC and Sauber

After running ‘Out of the Blue’ and ‘True Blue’ on their engine cover for the previous two races, Sauber today finally announced a 3-4 year partnership with Chelsea Football Club.

The relationship will benefit both parties. Chelsea FC will have their logo on the car from the next race in Barcelona. The aim is to reach out to the larger markets in Asia and America that many teams in the English Premier League are attempting to do. Formula One does generate much higher global TV audience than the Barclays Premier League and so it is hoped that it will spread Chelsea’s name and brand further around the world. From a sporting point of view the deal will benefit both teams in regard to the sharing of knowledge in Sports Science and Sports Performance.

Chelsea Logo on the 2012 Sauber F1 car

Another aspect of the new partnership is business performance. This includes launching joint commercial initiatives, merchandising, events, marketing and linked sponsorship opportunities. The two are expected to tie up commercially to benefit both Sauber and Chelsea’s sponsors.

For Sauber, their name and logo will appear on the LED signs around the pitch at Stamford Bridge and on the interview wall.

Monisha Kaltenborn, CEO of Sauber said: ‘A partnership like this between Formula 1 and football has never existed before in this form, yet there are numerous commonalities and possible synergies. In either case we are talking about team sport at the highest – and international – level. The Sauber F1 Team and Chelsea FC are dealing with many of the same sporting and commercial topics and we want to strengthen each other in these areas.’

Chelsea are currently 6th in the Premier League with 3 games left to play of the 2011/12 season. They are also up against Liverpool in the FA Cup Final this weekend and Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final on the 19th of May.


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