BOTTAS – what does it mean?

You may have seen several media outlets and journalists talking about the Williams Reserve Driver, Valtteri Bottas, in a different and unique style over recent weeks.

The new ‘fad’ of writing the drivers surname in capitals originated from Autosport’s F1 editor Jon Noble over the winter testing. He posted this picture below, showing the Finnish drivers names emboldened and in capitals.


Starting off as an office joke, it has now become a small sensation in itself. At the Malaysian Grand Prix, Jon Noble asked F1 fans to see if they could get the hashtag #BOTTAS to trend worldwide on Twitter, seeing as he was driving the car in Fridays first free practice. A feat that was easily achieved and can be seen below.

#BOTTAS – Trending Topic

Formula One journalists and media personnel are now also taking it upon themselves to write the drivers name in capitals. Many F1 fans too, are beginning to use this strange way to say the Finns name. It has been accepted that it can be a useful way to get the drivers name into not just the media domain but also the public and worldwide one, as he hopes to gain a drive with a team for the 2013 season.

Maybe you at home will now use #BOTTAS, when describing him. Take a look at what Twitter has to say below:!/search/realtime/%23BOTTAS


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