Friday in Monaco

You may be wondering why the two practice sessions for the Formula One take place on Thursday at the Monaco Grand Prix instead of the usual Friday slot.

It is to allow the streets to be open again to the public. It also used to be a day for the markets in Monaco, and although that does not occur today, it is seen as somewhat of a tradition to keep to the Thursday sessions. There will however be a GP2 race on the Friday.

Monaco at Night

This ‘spare’ day also means that the drivers and all the team mechanics and crew members get to have a day off. It is likely that they will be required in the late morning to make changes to the cars in the garages.

All of this of course means that Thursday night on the Monaco harbour, is party night, and many do not finish until the early hours of the morning.

Other Monaco Facts

  • There are over 20 miles of safety barriers.
  • There is around 20,000 square metres of catch fencing.
  • 1,100 tonnes of grandstands.
  • There are almost 3,600 tyres used in the tyre barriers.
  • 10 cranes are positioned around the racetrack.
  • There are 650 marshals, waiting to pounce on stricken cars over the weekend.
  • 120 firemen are on standby.
  • There are over 500 fire extinguishers around the circuit.

Marshall on Standby



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