Emerson Blogging

Former Brazilian World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi will start blogging this year for his former employers Mclaren. The 1974 Champion, was Mclarens very first. He will now blog on all matters Formula One, whether comical or concerning. He will give his own personal insight to the goings on of the sport.

He is expected to write up to 12 columns for the year on Mclarens personal website (Mclaren.com). The 66 year old said, “I’m a racer, not a writer, but I hope I’ll be able to communicate my racer’s passion in what I write.

Emerson Fittipaldi

“Even now, more than half a century after my first race, I love racing as much as I ever did. Wherever I am in the world, racing is always on my mind, and I’m always happy to talk about it with people who love it as I do. Racing is my life. I think I was put on earth to race.”

Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh said, “As our first ever World Champion, Emerson has a unique and indelible place in the McLaren ‘hall of fame’.”

“But, more than that, he’s one of the true greats of motor racing, a man who has seen and done more than almost any one else in motor racing history, so he’s uniquely well placed to offer our official website readers his unique views and insights. He promises to be uncompromising and honest in his opinions, and I’m therefore very eagerly looking forward to reading his regular blog columns over the next 12 months.”



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