Kubica back in F1 Sim

Robert Kubica has returned to a Formula One simulator to test his own skills once more behind the steering wheel of an F1 car. In recent weeks the Pole has been to the Mercedes factory in Brackley to explore his motor skills in his hand. The process is a long one, with the aim of the 28 year old to try and get back into racing in the pinnacle of motorsport.

Robert with Wolff

Robert with Wolff

Kubica tested in Mercedes DTM cars over the winter and although a drive did not come to fruition, citing that it was too soon especially given that he drove around most of the circuit with just one hand on the steering wheel, he has kept his ties with Mercedes, and in particular Toto Wolff, intact. It is believed that Toto has been the leading driving force behind Robert’s recovery and his subsequent training in the Mercedes simulator, after witnessing his test in a DTM car earlier this year. Insiders at Brackley have suggested that Robert still struggling with mobility and arm movements inside the tight and narrow cockpits.

The role that Mercedes could play in his future is unclear, as both drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are tied to the team for the foreseeable future and the Polish driver will not be able to participate in the Young Drivers Test later in the year, as he is not considered a rookie, on account for his 76 starts in F1, although a possible separate deal may be struck with other teams for him to test a two or three year old Mercedes car with either promotional ‘filming’ Pirelli rubber or GP2-spec tyres on the car.

In recent months, he has been trying out rally cars in the WRC, and although he has flashes of speed and brilliance, it has often come to a premature end, either by mechanical failure or driver error.



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