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Video: Caterham crash test

The Caterham F1 Team have released a YouTube video showing their 2014 chassis going through its crash test.

The FIA crash tests are a compulsory part of a cars formation. It is to ensure safety for the drivers, should a crash at any of the races occur. Before the chassis can pass, it must pass a whole raft of different tests on different areas of the car.

Caterham at the end of the video confirm that their 2014 frontal impact test passed.

Watch the video here:


FIA Announce 2014 Calendar

The FIA have released the final calendar for the 2014 Formula One season.

The season will kick off in Melbourne, Australia on the 16th of March and comes to a conclusion in Abu Dhabi on the 23rd of November.

The 19 race calendar includes a new race in Sochi, Russia and a return to Austria at the rebranded ‘Red Bull Ring’. Both the Korean and Indian Grand Prix events have been dropped.

Provisional races at New Jersey and Mexico did not make the 2014 calendar. Event organisers for the race in America are hopeful to make next years calendar, whilst redevelopment of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit in Mexico City are underway, with the view to make the 2015 calendar.

The 2014 calendar in full:

16/03 – Australia
30/03 – Malaysia
06/04 – Bahrain
20/04 – China
11/05 – Spain
25/05 – Monaco
08/06 – Canada
22/06 – Austria
06/07 – Great Britain
20/07 – Germany
27/07 – Hungary
24/08 – Belgium
07/09 – Italy
21/09 – Singapore
05/10 – Japan
12/10 – Russia
02/11 – United States
09/11 – Brazil
23/11 – Abu Dhabi

Ferrari Test 2014 Engine?

Are Ferrari testing next years turbo charged V6 engine in the back of a LaFerrari chassis?

Listen in for yourselves:

Throughout the video you can make out the normal noise that a turbo engine should make, however at 00:57-01:00 you can hear the unusual and distinctive noise of a compressor surge or stall.

The interesting aspect of the video is the airbox above the car, clearly feeding air into the engine. A rooftop airbox is not a feature on the LaFerrari, therefore it has been artificially put in to simulate the effect of a Formula car.

LaFerrari 1

Below we can see a road production LaFerrari without the airbox.


It was the exact same chassis of the car which Fernando Alonso test drove earlier this year at Fiorano in April, which can be seen here:


Below you can take a look at the other screenshots of the video and judge for yourselves. This chassis could well be running with larger radiator ducts on the left and right hand side of the car, however we cannot identify that due to the distinctive stealthy paint scheme.

LaFerrari 2

LaFerrari 3

One thing is for sure, if it is the 2014 V6 in the back, it sounds terrific and all 22 of them on the grid next year surely wont produce a terrible noise.