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Jerez: Day 2 Analysis

Day two of the Jerez test was all about the battle of the engines. It was not a productive day for any Renault powered car, their total laps for the day were 19 in comparison to Ferrari’s which was 100. But it was Mercedes who comprehensively racked up the most laps with 212.

The action on track for the first day of the Jerez test was somewhat a damp squib. The second day began on an much more artificially wet note. Pirelli decided to move its wet-weather running day from Friday to Wednesday in the anticipation that there would be actual precipitation in the afternoon, which there was not.

Morning began with a tractor wetting the track

The morning began with a tractor wetting the track

The cars got plenty of dry running in towards the end of the day and it was Jenson Button who set the fastest time with a 1m24.165. Compare that to last years quickest time on day 2 in Jerez. It was set by Lotus’ Romain Grosjean who managed a 1m18.218, so we are still some four seconds off of last years fastest time.

Red Bull were forced to call their day to a halt with a couple of hours of the test left. The RB10 was pictured with a lot of smoke coming from the back of the car in the garage. The team later confirmed that the issue was with energy storage. It has not been a productive two days for the champions, 8 laps were ran today 11 overall. Their time of 1m38.320 placed them at the bottom of the timing sheets and is not in any way representative, as it was taken in the morning when the track was wet. It’s very early days, but it is not the best of ways to begin your title defense. Sebastian Vettel traveled home early and will hope for better fortunes at next months test in Bahrain. Daniel Ricciardo will take over driving duties for the final two days.

Red Bull suffered ERS problems

Red Bull suffered ERS problems

McLaren finally got some mileage on the MP4-29 after not running at all on Tuesday. Jenson Button continued at the helm and successfully completed a few installation laps before setting a time early in the morning. His times gradually got quicker and quicker as the track dried out and he ended the morning session top of the time sheets. The McLaren was able to go quickest whenever it ventured onto the track, knocking off whoever would be perched on top spot. There was a period in the early afternoon where Jenson Button set his fastest lap time of the day at a 1m24.165 and then consistently ran to within a tenth of that time for three laps in a row. Button managed 43 laps and will hand the car over to rookie Kevin Magnussen for the last two days.

Jenson Button

Jenson Button

It was the rear end of the McLaren which was all the talk up and down the paddock. The Woking team have attached four vertical fairings on their rear suspension wishbone. These fairings seemingly are able to deflect air flow both down towards the diffuser and up towards the monkey seat in between the rear wing and diffuser. It could be an element which retains downforce in slow speed sections and minimises drag on the straights. The teams this year are looking for ways to replicate the downforce they had with exhaust-blown diffusers, given that this year the exhaust must exit from a central position out of the rear of the car. McLaren may just have found a small solution to the problem.

The rear of the McLaren MP4-29

The rear of the McLaren MP4-29

Kimi Raikkonen was in second place behind the McLaren and completed 47 for Ferrari. The Finn jumped up to second spot in the mid afternoon. Ferrari look like they are just getting to grips with the new engines for this year and Raikkonen was capable of setting some fairly consistent runs. Spaniard Fernando Alonso will get his first taste of the F14T chassis tomorrow and Friday.

Valtteri Bottas completed his last day at the test before Felipe Massa steps into the Williams car for the final two days. The Finnish driver had a productive day completing 35 laps and ending the day in third place with a 1m25.344, which was a little over a second slower than the fastest time of the day. Williams will be aiming to get more laps under their belt at the final two days, in order to better prepare themselves for the Bahrain test in February.

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas

Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg came close to breaking into triple figures for the amount of laps the German completed, he did 97. The Mercedes car looks solid straight out of the box and the sheer amount of running will give the team and all Mercedes powered teams confidence in the reliability of the new power trains for 2014. Rosberg managed a time of 1m25.588, which was 1.4 seconds slower than the leader. The team brought a reinforced front wing to today’s test after Lewis Hamilton crashed off at Turn One after a front wing failure yesterday. Mercedes will be looking at maximum reliability for the last two days in order for them to break into triple figures for their lap count. Overall a wholesomely impressed day from the Brackley based team.

Rosberg ran the most laps

Rosberg ran the most laps

Force India had a very productive running schedule until Sergio Perez stopped at the first corner with smoke coming from the rear of the car. The team had run consecutively throughout the morning and early afternoon, completing a respectable 37 laps. There was a period in the late morning when Perez was battling former team mate Jenson Button for the top spot as they traded quickest times between them lap after lap. Force India will repair the car overnight in order to try and get some more running in tomorrow.

Perez's smoking Force India

Perez’s smoking Force India

Sauber continued their running with Esteban Gutierrez once again in the cockpit of the C33. The Mexicans day was primarily devoted to slower installation and systems check runs. He ended the day in sixth place completing 53 laps with a time of 1m33.270. Gutierrez was responsible for one of the mornings red flags when the Mexican driver spun into the gravel at turn 5.

Caterham’s Marcus Ericsson was also responsible for one of the days three red flags when he ground to halt out the back of the circuit late on in the day. The Swede managed to beat Vettel’s time though and ended the day completing the most amount of Renault laps with 11 and a time of 1m37.975.

Marcus Ericsson

Marcus Ericsson

All three Renault cars, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Caterham all suffered Energy Recovery System failures throughout the day. It is allegedly an issue with a malfunctioning component in the ECU, a problem Renault aims to rectify for tomorrow by sending new parts to the track overnight.

Toro Rosso had a dreadful day. Seemingly dogged by Renault’s issues, the team spent all morning in the garage, hoping that they would make it out onto the track at the close of play, which they did not do. Daniil Kvyat was supposed to be running for the team today and will be hoping to get some laps in the Toro Rosso at Jerez.

Marussia have managed to get their MR03 car to the circuit and they have set up their garage. The team hope to run the car tomorrow morning, although almost certainly not immediately. Lotus are absent from the test.


Jerez: Button leads on Day 2

Jenson Button has finished top of the timesheets on the second day of running at the 2014 tests in Jerez. The British driver completed his first laps of the week after not being able to do any running on Tuesday. His time of 1m24.165 was significantly quicker than Kimi Raikkonen’s time of 1m27.104 from Day 1.

Kimi Raikkonen ended the day in second place in his Ferrari with a time of 1m24.812, some 0.6 off Buttons time. Bottas’ Williams was in third place behind his countryman with a time of 1m25.344.

Nico Rosberg came home in fourth place with a time of 1m25.588. The German also set the most amount of laps. He completed a very impressive 97 laps of the Jerez circuit. The mileage should be able to give his Mercedes team some much needed information for both car and engine development.

Sergio Perez finished the day on the side of the circuit at turn one after the back of his Force India car was smoking. The Mexican managed a time of 1m28.376 which was enough to place him into fifth place.

Esteban Gutierrez was sixth with a time of 1m33.270. The Swiss team chose to dedicate its day to systems operation and installation running. A spin into the gravel from the Sauber driver brought out the red flags in the morning.

Caterham’s Marcus Ericsson managed to beat a lap time set by Red Bull on what was a tough day for the Renault powered teams. The Swede managed a time of 1m37.975 and completed 11 laps.

World champion Sebastian Vettel only managed 8 laps throughout the day and 11 for the whole test. His day was curtailed mid-afternoon by an ERS fault and the German decided to head back home. The Red Bull managed a time in the early morning of 1m38.320.

Toro Rosso did not leave the garage after they too had issues with their Renault power unit. They will be hoping to get some running in tomorrow.

Marussia’s car arrived at the circuit late in the day and they will be hoping to get their 2014 testing up and running later tomorrow morning. Lotus are absent from this test.

Jerez: Day 1 Analysis

Day 1 of the first ‘new era’ F1 test in Jerez was a day of unreliability, new sounds and minimal running. Minimal running indeed, on day one the combined lap total for the field was an astoundingly underwhelming 91 laps, the standard amount for just one car in one day last year. In fact on the first day of testing in 2013, all the cars managed 657 laps and in 2012 they managed 711.

Mercedes were the first on track with Lewis Hamilton and the Englishman managed to keep plugging the laps in all morning, he was the only consistent runner to talk about. The Mercedes gave us the first glimpse of what the 1.6 turbo charged V6 hybrid power unit sounded like, and it is actually impressive. Over the past year many have worried about the sound the new engines will generate, fearing it will sound too weak or too quiet. But it is in fact still loud and very ‘throaty’. It has a deeper resonance, much akin to the 1980’s turbo F1 era. There was even a brief moment where Hamilton was readying himself for a run but instead of leaving his garage he managed to stall his car. The stall allowed us to hear the turbo unit whirring away, something which very much resembled a jet engine or perhaps just a vacuum cleaner, have a look and listen here:

The Mercedes had looked reliable too, until Hamilton put it in the barrier at Turn 1 after his front wing suffered a failure, dislodged itself and placed the number 44 car into the armco. The damage to the suspension and the front wing was irreparable. Mercedes had only built and brought one wing to Jerez and decided to call their day to halt in the early afternoon. They are to fly a reinforced front wing out to the test in time for tomorrows running. Hamilton completed the day in second place. A video of his crash can be found here:

Kimi Raikkonen got Ferrari’s session off to a poor start when the Finn stopped on track on his very first run. After returning to the garage and spending a couple of hours rectifying the issue, the F14T was back on track and lapping consistently quicker with each effort. Raikkonen slowly seemed to get to grips with the new ‘torque-ier’ feel of the car and managed to end the day up the top of the time sheets in P1. Although Raikkonen’s best time was over 9 seconds slower than last years pace around the Jerez circuit. Kimi said: “We had a lot of new things to learn today. Even if we would have liked to do more laps, I think that for a first day it was alright. Now we have a lot of work ahead of us, but all in all, we are pleased with our first day.”

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen

Valtteri Bottas managed to give the Williams its first run with just an hour of the session to go, the team had been putting the car together in the garage for most of the day. Despite only completing a few installation laps and only 7 laps altogether he still managed to get to grips quick enough with his car to go P3. It is of course not known how much fuel cars run with, but at this stage and with the complexities surrounding the new rules for this year every running is highly irrelevant. Teams are just aiming to get through this test reliably.

Bottas in the Williams

Bottas in the Williams

Sergio Perez gave Force India their first run out after unveiling their new car to the press earlier in the morning and finished out in fourth place. The Mexican tallied the fourth largest amount of laps completed, with just 11. He completed a number of laps late on in the afternoon after stopping out on track just an hour into running on his first install lap.

Jean Eric Vergne was at one stage in the morning the only serious competitor to Lewis Hamilton. The two drivers were the only ones pacing around the circuit early on. The Toro Rosso brought out a red flag in the afternoon after stopping on track between turns 4 and 5. With just an hour and a half of the session to go, the car wasn’t repaired in time and never made it back onto the track.

Toro Rosso returns to the pits

Toro Rosso returns to the pits

Sauber ended the day bottom of the timed laps. Esteban Gutierrez managed 7 laps with a best time of 1m42.257 some 15 seconds off Raikkonen’s pace.

Red Bull had been having problems with their rear suspension all day long but Sebastian Vettel managed to drag the RB10 out for its first run with just 15 minutes of the day left to go. He only completed just 3 installation laps without a time.

Sebastian Vettel in the RB10

Sebastian Vettel in the RB10

Caterham had hoped to unveil their car before the session got underway in the morning, but a suspected engine mounting issue meant they had to delay their launch until mid-afternoon when the problem was sorted and Marcus Ericsson could complete a lap. The Swede only managed one installation lap before coming into the pits and calling it a day. Caterham will be hoping for more running tomorrow.

The Marussia will be expected to take to the circuit late on in tomorrow’s session after a problem was sorted out back in the factory and the car was sent on its journey down to the circuit this morning. Lotus were the other team not present in the pit lane and they will not be testing their new car until the Bahrain tests next month.

The McLaren MP4-29 didn’t even leave the garage, team members working all night and all day on sorting out its issues. McLaren said: “The car was predominantly affected by electrical issues during the day. The subsequent dismantling, inspection and re-installation of several major components ultimately meant we were unable to conduct any running today.” Mechanics will be working overnight once more as they will be looking to start their running in earnest on Wednesday. Although it does look like the day is to begin with some mild precipitation, not ideal for any information gathering.

Gutierrez's Sauber

Gutierrez’s Sauber

World Champion Sebastian Vettel said: “There’s no impression of the new car. I could not even get full throttle yet!” Seemingly nobody was able to plant their foot to the floor all day long, in a day where data running and making sure all the new bits work is king. Indeed in the early afternoon Mercedes’ Toto Wolff said that the sound of the cars do not quite yet sound as good as they should. He said that the engines are currently running around 9,000-10,000rpm, some way below the 15,000rpm limit. The Austrian said we should expect to hear a better noise from the engine when the turbo kicks in a lot more after 10,000rpm.

But of course it is completely senseless to jump to any conclusions about any times from this test. Many teams are mooting Jerez as a large shakedown test with the serious running to happen in Bahrain next month.

Jerez: Raikkonen tops Day 1

Kimi Raikkonen has gone quickest at the first day of testing in Jerez. The F14T 2014 car lapped the circuit in 1m27.104 on a quiet day where teams were struggling to get their cars prepared in order to do laps at the test.

The Finn had stopped on track earlier in the morning on its first run, but later in the afternoon managed to lap the circuit 31 times and go quicker than the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton was the first on track and subsequently was one of the only runners to consistently lap up some mileage. The Englishman managed to get his laptime down to a 1m27.820 before suffering a front wing failure on the start-finish straight. The front wing dislodged itself underneath the car and caused Hamilton to lock-up late and put his Mercedes W05 into the barrier, bringing his day to an abrupt end. Hamilton was the most active driver, conducting 18 laps, up until his crash. Bottas came third in the Williams late in the day with a time of 1m30.161, with Perez’s Force India slotting in 4th place with a laptime of 1m33.161.The Toro Rosso of Jean Eric Vergne had conducted plenty of running around the southern Spanish circuit in the morning. The Frenchman clocked a 1m36.530 to end the day in fifth, followed by Esteban Gutierrez’s Sauber, which rounded off the actual lap times with a 1m42.257.

The Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel finally got running in the last 15 minutes of the day, after suffering from a rear suspension issue all day. The Caterham was due to be released this morning but had suffered an issue managed to get just one installation lap completed by the end of the day, whilst the Williams team also had some problems throughout the day but managed to get Bottas out late on to get some running in before the chequered flag.

Jenson Button’s McLaren was unable to leave the garage after the team had discovered electrical and hydraulic problems with the new MP4-29. They are hoping to fix the issues and be up and running for tomorrows session.

The Marussia had not made it down to the test, however the car in now in transit and they are hoping to get some mileage in later on Wednesday.

Ferrari Test 2014 Engine?

Are Ferrari testing next years turbo charged V6 engine in the back of a LaFerrari chassis?

Listen in for yourselves:

Throughout the video you can make out the normal noise that a turbo engine should make, however at 00:57-01:00 you can hear the unusual and distinctive noise of a compressor surge or stall.

The interesting aspect of the video is the airbox above the car, clearly feeding air into the engine. A rooftop airbox is not a feature on the LaFerrari, therefore it has been artificially put in to simulate the effect of a Formula car.

LaFerrari 1

Below we can see a road production LaFerrari without the airbox.


It was the exact same chassis of the car which Fernando Alonso test drove earlier this year at Fiorano in April, which can be seen here:


Below you can take a look at the other screenshots of the video and judge for yourselves. This chassis could well be running with larger radiator ducts on the left and right hand side of the car, however we cannot identify that due to the distinctive stealthy paint scheme.

LaFerrari 2

LaFerrari 3

One thing is for sure, if it is the 2014 V6 in the back, it sounds terrific and all 22 of them on the grid next year surely wont produce a terrible noise.